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Land of the Rair is a MUD-style game mixed with MORPG. You start as a no-name adventurer in the Lands and can progress towards being a great hunter or crafter. The Lands are filled with many dangerous creatures, but with the right gear, you can take them all on.


A lot of the game is point and click on a 2d map. You'll have an "action queue" where you can stack up to 30 actions that will execute at the rate of 1 action per second, meaning you can queue up lots of attacks on a creature, or create your own custom macros to do more interesting things.


  • Handcrafted multiplayer RPG world
  • Four canonical character classes - Mage, Thief, Healer, and Warrior
  • Lots of items and creatures to find them from
  • Quick-paced combat
  • Trade skills to customize your gear or create new gear
  • Classic-style skills - you get better the more you use your abilities
  • A market board to sell your rare items to other players
  • A global lobby for chatting outside of game, and heavy discord integration
  • A deep custom macro system
  • Large skill tree for each class
  • Customizable interface with lots of Quality of Life features
  • Much more on the way!


Land of the Rair is being developed by a single person (me!) based out of the Midwest. The game is entirely open source and community contributions are encouraged! Currently, the game is playable and has a fair amount of content, but is nowhere near complete.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run the .exe.


Land of the Rair (Windows) 52 MB
Land of the Rair (OSX) 49 MB